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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seeing Red

With my machine in the shop,  I'm keeping busy using my Go Baby machine to cut all my red scraps into 2 inch squares.  
red scrap vomit?
 Why?,......... you ask?  In September, I attend the 2013 Northern California Sew On Retreat and had the pleasure of meeting Adrianne, another mom here in Northern California.   I decided to check out her blog, little bluebell .  Turns out she's currently making a "vomit quilt".  Gross!, right?  If you really want the low down on scrap vomit, check out imagingermonkey.    So much inspiration!
Because I've really been wanting to do some value studies (where fabric is selected by how light or dark it is), I decided to use only my pinks, reds, and dark reds, almost black, in fact.  For amazing information on selecting fabric based on value, please check out, Impressionist Applique  by Grace Errea and Meridith Osterfeld.  You'll look at your fabric stash  in a whole new light!  I've sorted mine into piles of light, medium, and dark....... for the most part.
Now it's time to cut a few more squares, sit back and take stock, and figure out what to do with these adorable little squares! 

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